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eyes_on_xtina's Journal

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Welcome to Eyes On Xtina! We are a new community who just adores Christina Aguilera!
When you enter, we'd like you to fill out this little survey:

Favorite Song On Stripped:
Least Favorite Song on Stripped:
Reason You Love Christina Aguilera:
Black Hair Or Blonde Hair on Christina:
If Christina Was To Release a 6th and FINAL Single On Stripped, What Would You Want It To Be:

The Moderators:

[Moderator 1 + Creator: giantjm4n
-AIM: GiantJman415 / XtinaFan824
-Name: Justin
-Hobbies: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Degrassi: TNG, and music.

[Moderator 2: the_xtina_fan
-AIM: xpukaboix
-Name: Jake
-Hobbies: Listening to music, going to the movies, talking on the phone, hanging with friends, listening to Christina Aguilera, Enya, Beyonce, Evanescense, Justin Timberlake, Clay Aiken

[Moderator 3: dirrtyboi4u
-Name: Mike
-Hobbies: Shopping, listening to music, dancing, hanging out with friends.. and most importantly, Christina Aguilera :-)


Icon Information

In Eyes On Xtina, we will have icon sharing. We will have 3 graphic desigers who are very good at making icons. Even if you aren't a graphic designer, you can still post icons! All our icons will be posted at the bottom of this page. When we have over 10, I will make a page that you will be linked to and you can post icons on the community *BEHIND THE CUT* and I'll post them on the site. Thanks :)

Graphic Designers:
*Graphic Designers will make icons for us. Even if you aren't a graphic designer, you can still make icons for us :)