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X-tina WOO


Favorite Song On Stripped:Soar
Least Favorite Song on Stripped:Are you kidding?!?

Reason You Love Christina Aguilera:Because she's puts out a positive message despite what people think and she has believes in what she supports.She has an amazing voice and her music touches so many people it's unbelievable.Whenever something that is upsetting me all I have to do is put on her cd and I know things will get better.She is also trying to make people more aware of domestic violence and child abuse which are the two things I'm most against.I don't buy everything X-tina...I can't afford it.But that really doesn't make me any less of a fan.I support her a hundred percent.She's the best out there as far as I'm concerned despite what all the haters and the negative media tries to do to her.She's truthfully a good role model if you look beyond the clothes and image...She is trying to change people views and minds and make things more open.I appreciate her trying to break the double standard and I think she is making progress but its something that will take time ot fully break down.I love Christina so much it's crazy.She's the best out there.

Black Hair Or Blonde Hair on Christina:I actually like the gold thing going on right now

If Christina Was To Release a 6th and FINAL Single On Stripped, What Would You Want It To Be:Well I'm stuck between "Soar" and "Walk Away"...I think Walk Away is too long for mainstream and radio and I'm not sure how people would take to Soar...I think it would help alot of people out there though.
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